Let’s equip half of all suitable Dutch schools  with solar panels in 2020

The Netherlands has around 7,500 primary and secondary schools with hundreds of thousands of pupils. It is estimated that 1,000 schools already have solar panels and some 1,000 roofs are still unsuitable. We aim for half of all suitable schools to be equipped with solar panels in 2020 – and that energy costs that are saved will go to curricula and the sustainability of school buildings.

If we succeed in greening energy consumption by 3000 schools by 2020, this will have a big positive impact. Some facts at a glance:

  • solar panels in schools 17% increase in total capacity of solar panels compared to 2015
  • 30 million euros per year savings on energy bills
  • 120 tons of CO2 savings per year
  • 270 million in investments 900,000 per year of school students in contact with solar panels
  • 900 FTE per year in employment

Fred Matser (founder)

Fred Foundation was founded by Fred Matser in 1996 to contribute to the development of a more functional society. From a vision of interconnectedness of life and circular thinking.

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