Based on the documentary ‘Rotjochies’ (‘Punks’ in English) by Maasja Ooms, the producer of this documentary, Willemijn Cerutti, organized an impact campaign to increase the awareness about the vast growing number of children (12-18 years) from dysfunctional families, with severe problematic behaviour. 

‘Jeugdzorg’ (Youth Care) is focussing on the behaviour of the children and the number of detentions amongst this group is rising. More attention should be given to the family system.  The impact campaign aims to inspire the invited professionals involved in the care for these youngsters, to change their perspective and join forces in this necessary transition. Five meetings in five cities are organized.

You can watch the impressive documentary ‘Rotjochies’ via NPO Start/2DOC (Dutch spoken and subtitled) and Dutch spoken with English subtitles via Cerutti Film.


Fred Matser (founder)

Fred Foundation was founded by Fred Matser in 1996 to contribute to the development of a more functional society. From a vision of interconnectedness of life and circular thinking.

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