Do you want to explore how you and your organisation can make a difference for fellow human beings?

Do you have an open mind and heart? Are you determined? Would you like to connect with people seeking refuge? And above all: Do you want to explore how you and your organisation can make a difference for these fellow human beings?

This Movement Journey to Lesbos is a life-changing experience, that will put a lot in motion for you, your community and your organisation, with the purpose of:

  • Enhancing public support for and empowerment of refugees
  • Developing leaders who are more connected to themselves and society
  • Creating more meaningful organisations

Movement Journey – Why?
Worldwide, over 68 million people have fled their homes. In 2015, Europe and the Netherlands saw an exponential increase in people seeking asylum. A lack of control over the arrival of so many people fuelled fear and the ‘human’ behind the refugee disappeared into the background.

Many refugees are stuck on the Greek Islands, without any prospects. Movement on the Ground started as an answer to the shortage in humanitarian aid and the resulting inhuman living conditions of refugees. Unfortunately, the number of refugees still grows faster than the number of dignified places to stay.

In 2015, a little over 40.000 people requested asylum in The Netherlands. By 2017 that number had decreased to almost 15.000. Many refugees in the Netherlands find it difficult to find their place in society – for example because their families are still at risk in their home countries, or because their diplomas are not (fully) recognized. In organising this Movement Journey to Lesbos, Fred Foundation and Movement on the Ground seek to strengthen the connection between ‘us’ and ‘them.’ This allows fear to make way for our common humanity. Refugees will be able to live and grow in dignity, whether in the Netherlands or on Lesbos.

Movement Journey | What will I be doing?
During this Movement Journey you will get a good understanding of the refugee crisis on Lesbos. You will visit several locations, where you will get to meet residents of the camps as well as local Greeks. You will roll up your sleeves on the Campus of Movement on the Ground. There will be daily group sessions to process the many impressions together with the group, as well as space to explore how you and your organisation can contribute to the wellbeing of refugees on Lesbos and in the Netherlands.

Movement Journey | For whom?
This Journey is for determined people with an open heart and mind. You feel connected to your fellow human beings on the run and want to make a social impact. Every participant brings his or her unique personality, background and expertise. This leads to surprising ideas and unconventional contributions to the complex refugee issue. This is how Movement on the Ground first came into existence. For their inspiring story, see this TEDx-talk.

During this journey, themes such as inclusiveness, resilience, equality and leadership will be covered. Themes that touch every person and every organisation too. Are these issues that speak to you? If so, this journey is a great opportunity to socially enrich yourself and your organisation. Together we will commit to increasing awareness and public support for our fellow human beings on the run.

Movement Journey – Programme

  1. Preparatory evening: introduction of travel companions, travel information, deeper explanation of the refugee issue and the current situation on Lesbos.
  2. Movement Journey to Lesbos (Monday-Thursday):
  • Visits to refugee camps: Conversations with refugees and together in action in the camps
  • Visiting diverse places on Lesbos to get a better understanding of the context and to engage with the local population
  • Daily group sessions on themes, sharing of experiences and space for individual reflection.
  1. Reflection: Post-Journey get-together to reflect on your experience of the Journey and highlight commitments you formulated during the Journey.

Practical information

  • When: 4-7 November 2019
  • Location: Lesbos Greece
  • Investment: € 1.950,- excl. plane ticket and taxes
  • Number of participants per Journey: six to eight participants from business, (semi-) government and social organisations.

Are you interested or looking for more information? Please get in touch with Madeleine Hessing.

Download our brochure
Movement Journey brochure – ENG
Movement Journey brochure – NL

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