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Be the change. Every child should live in a world where he or she feels safe, loved and appreciated. The mission of Challenge Day Netherlands is to provide the youth and its community with experience workshops (like Crossing the border/Over de streep) and programs that provide insight into the power of connection, appreciation of diversity, authenticity and self-expression.

Challenge Day Nederland chooses resources and strategies that support our mission. Our ambition is to be available for every secondary school and to provide them with one Challenge Day per year. We are therefore particularly proud of the transforming and stimulating role of a Challenge Day.

Challenge Day Nederland is powerful, committed and experiential. We do not tell people what to do. We involve them in the conversation so that they learn from their own behavior and thus discover what the relationships are to each other.

Challenge Day Nederland has a lasting impact. We offer life-changing lessons and skills. We have a full-year program that encourages young people to change things in their schools in a positive way and keep Challenge Day alive. In addition, we also train teachers to support young people in their social and emotional health and development.

Challenge Day Nederland strengthens relationships. We create a community in which all young people and adults belong. We also help young people not to judge immediately and to open up to others, also to those who are different in a certain way.

Challenge Day Nederland is not just for young people; 25 inspiring adults take part in every Challenge Day, usually these are their own teachers, rectors and caretaker. The Be the Change Netherlands foundation, which is affiliated to Challenge Day America, also offers programs specifically aimed at adults. They offer three-day workshops for those who want to go deeper into the ideas of Challenge Day and want to know more about the Challenge Day principles, philosophies and exercises.

Challenge Day Nederland is the first official foreign partner of the American Challenge Day Foundation and the only one in the Netherlands to offer the official Challenge Days at schools and organizations.

Fred Matser (founder)

Fred Foundation was founded by Fred Matser in 1996 to contribute to the development of a more functional society. From a vision of interconnectedness of life and circular thinking.

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