Arnhem for Refugees: facilitating the integration of refugees in Arnhem

Arnhem for Refugees (Arnhem voor Vluchtelingen) is an initiative of involved Arnhemmers who want to give refugees a warm welcome in Arnhem (The Netherlands). Together with Arnhemmers and Arnhem organizations, AVV brings supply and demand in the area of ​​aid together.

The initiative group also provided a ‘buddy project’ to promote friendship between refugees and Arnhemmers. That project lasted four months and Human made a report about this and interviewed Zohal Rezaie of the Arnhem Refugee Foundation about the successes of the project.

Not every buddy relationship turned out to be a success, sometimes because a refugee had to move, sometimes because of too great a language barrier, but also because it did not click, according to Rezaie. Nevertheless, many contacts have been made, for short and long term and the Foundation is very pleased with that.

Meanwhile, many refugees are no longer able to turn away in Arnhem because they feel at home there. They have built a network and want nothing more than to become real Arnhemmers. This is partly due to the involvement of the Arnhemmers in the refugees. Zohal Rezaie is actually proud of her city.

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Fred Matser (founder)

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