When his father fell ill, Fred Matser (1945) joined the family real estate development company at the age of 19. When he was 23 he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of this thriving firm. In 1983 he left the fast-paced business life and moved to Switzerland with his family. He volunteered for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Organisation and set up a global programme to reduce child mortality. Since 1983 he has devoted most of his time pursuing his goal: a happier, healthier and more sustainable world. As a professional philanthropist he has financed more than 600 projects in 55 countries. He cares deeply for the well-being of the people in the Ukraine, has financed micro-credits and has initiated many projects in the fields of primary healthcare and peace building. His book ‘Rediscover Your Heart’ tells the story of Fred’s life and the development of his own philosophy and his vision. The book includes a foreword by Mikhail Gorbachev and an afterword by Dr. Deepak Chopra.

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Fred Matser (founder)

Fred Foundation was founded by Fred Matser in 1996 to contribute to the development of a more functional society. From a vision of interconnectedness of life and circular thinking.

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