Do we really live in a fundamentally physical universe? Are we essentially material beings? Essentia Foundation is a new force in the cultural dialogue about the nature of reality. Find out more about us. Visit Essentia Foundation.

General information

Visiting address
Stichting Essentia Foundation
Overhoeksplein 2
1031 KS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Postal address
Stichting Essentia Foundation
Postbus 23
5500 AE Veldhoven
The Netherlands
Founded: April 20, 2020
Chamber of Commerce: 77870999 (Kamer van Koophandel)
Fiscal number/RSIN: 861178555

About Essentia Foundation

Please visit Essentia Foundation.

Board (bestuur)

Fred Matser – sounder & chairman (oprichter en voorzitter)
Evert K. Greup – secretary & treasurer (secretaris & penningmeester)
Jan van der Greef – board member

Public Benefit Organization (ANBI)   

Essentia Foundation is an official Dutch Public Benefit Organization (in Dutch: ‘ANBI,’ or ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’). Public Benefit Organizations are entitled to make use of specific Dutch tax advantages. An ANBI organization must publish an ‘ANBI publication’ (in Dutch: ‘ANBI publicatieplicht‘) on their website. You can download it below. It is in Dutch only.
Download ANBI publicatieplicht 2020 Stichting Essentia Foundation (pdf)

Fred Matser (founder)

Fred Foundation was founded by Fred Matser in 1996 to contribute to the development of a more functional society. From a vision of interconnectedness of life and circular thinking.

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